DICCA's air quality forecasts for the Liguria region

48-hour daily forecast from 00 UTC analysis


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- Raw forecasts (i.e. uncalibrated): from the CAMS European Air Quality Forecasts. CAMS produces, operatively, on daily basis, specific daily air ensemble quality forecasts for the European domain at spatial resolution of 0.1 degrees (approximatively 10 km). The production is based on an ensemble of nine air quality forecasting systems across Europe. Details can be found here.

- Station Observations and Calibration: hourly-data from the Liguria monitoring service for PM10 and PM2.5 (daily average), O3 (hourly) and NO2 (hourly). Data serve for the set up of our state-of-the-art Dynamic Ensemble Model Output Statistics (D-EMOS) built downstream of the raw CAMS forecasts. The calibration strategy provides both the median of the forecasts as well as the confidence intervals thus making it possible a quantitative evaluation of forecast uncertainties.
Details on the Liguria monitoring service can be found here.


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