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Marco Lepidi

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Marco Lepidi

Associate Professor
c/o DICCA - Department of Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Via Montallegro 1, 16145
Tel: +39 010 33 52516 - Fax: +39 010 33 52534
E-mail: Marco.Lepidi@unige.it

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International Symposium on Dynamics and Aerodynamics of Cables (ISDAC)   (Website)

2023 - June 15th to 17th at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

The Third International Symposium on Dynamics and Aerodynamics of Cables (ISDAC 2023) will be hosted by the DISG - Structural and Geotechnical Engineering of Sapienza University of Rome (Italy), from 22 to 24 June 2023. The Symposium will embrace fundamental theoretical and applied topics in Dynamics and Aerodynamics of Cables, including key themes of structural mechanics related to bridge engineering, such as (i) nonlinear dynamics and aerodynamics of stay cables, (ii) analytical and computational approaches to structural models of cable-stayed and suspended decks, (iii) passive and active control of cable vibrations, (iv) structural health and safety risk assessment of cable-supported bridges and footbridges, (v) aging, fatigue, degradation, and failure mechanisms of structural cables and hangers, (vi) laboratory testing and field investigations about environmental and anthropic loads and fluid-cable interactions, (vii) technical criteria and engineering best practices for the design, construction, inspections retrofitting, rehabilitation, repair of cable structures. The chairs of the Symposium Vincenzo Gattulli, Luca Martinelli and Marco Lepidi are pleased to invite you to participate in the event.

PhD Courses on Perturbation Methods 2024   (Website)

2024 - February (week 12th to the 16th) at University of Genova, Italy

Join the PhD program in Civil, Chemical, and Environmental Engineering at the University of Genova, hosted by the DICCA - Department of Civil, Chemical, and Environmental Engineering. Enhance your knowledge with professors Giovanna Vittori, Nicoletta Tambroni, Giuseppe Piccardo and Marco Lepidi, who will be teaching the Perturbation Methods I and Perturbation Methods II courses. Perturbation Methods I (PMI) is a comprehensive 10-hour course (2 credits) that introduces effective methodological approaches for calculating analytical solutions to physical-mathematical problems. These methods are particularly useful when dealing with problems characterized by a dimensionless parameter that can be postulated to be very small or very large. Professor G. Vittori and N. Tambroni will provide insightful lectures, accompanied by downloadable resources. Perturbation Methods II (PMII), also a 10-hour course (2 credits), dives deeper into complementary and advanced methodological and applicative aspects of employing asymptotic techniques. Professors M. Lepidi and G. Piccardo will guide you through perturbation-based solutions for algebraic and differential problems, using both traditional and advanced tools. Explore topics in Mathematical Engineering, Fluid and Structural Mechanics, such as eigenproblems, dimension reductions, boundary layers, static/dynamic bifurcations, self-excited and forced oscillations, and parametrically excited systems. These courses feature a combination of lectures and guided exercises, along with the introduction of software for symbolic computation and distribution of didactic material. To earn credits, a final written test solving one or more simple problems for each course must be completed within one month after the course concludes. Our courses are held every two years, completely free of charge, and open to interested PhD students from other Departments and/or Universities. Join us from the 12th to the 16th of February 2024, as we provide a comprehensive schedule for each course. The detailed program of lectures will be available at the beginning of February 2024. Don't miss this opportunity! To apply, please submit your application by January 2024. For confirmation and any inquiries regarding PMI, reach out to Nicoletta Tambroni at Nicoletta.Tambroni@unige.it. For PMII, contact Marco Lepidi (Marco.Lepidi@unige.it) or Giuseppe Piccardo (Giuseppe.Piccardo@unige.it).

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